Prepare Modern Buffet Table Looks Professional

May 13th

Modern buffet table – It covers the buffet table with a white tablecloth. Do not use paper tablecloths or plastic. Add edges to table using fasteners. Keep in mind that the fasteners usually serve only for buffet tables, not for common kitchen tables.


Place dishes that make game in a pile at the start of the buffet. Group 3 or 4 batteries together, varying heights to create some visual interest and to avoid the “cafeteria style”. Then, silver utensils wrapped in cloth napkins and place them in a wicker basket at the end of the modern buffet table. Lustra sources with metal polisher and places a row of them on the table. Cold foods should be served first, so that leaves room for salad containers and similar between the plates and dishes.

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Printed cards with good quality cardboard and fold them in half menu, placing them in front of each dish, this lets you know the guests what is in each source while advancing in line at the buffet. Last, add some color to your modern buffet table look professional with plants, fruits and fake flowers located below the base of each source. Be careful that none of these elements will catch fire with flames of Sterno heaters.