Decorate a Modern Dressing Table

Mar 9th

Modern dressing table – A dressing table – regardless of your bedroom or bathroom – is more than just a place to get ready. It adds to the style of your room, and increases your enjoyment of preparing you for the day ahead. Decorating a dressing table with elements that make the play functional but also fit the look of the space where this piece of furniture is located.


Fabric, if you do not particularly care for the style of your modern dressing table, lives it up with a cloth. Select a type of fabric that complements the look of your room; toile for a French country room or solid colored velvet for a room with a posh atmosphere. You can either drape fabric over the modern dressing table so that it extends down to the floor, covering the entire table, or you can set the fabric so that it covers only the top of the table, causing the bones to see.

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Mirrors, since the dressings table probably the area where you will put on your makeup, fixing her hair and dress, including mirrors the design provides functionality and style to the table. View a decorative pedestal mirror on top of the table in a finish that coordinates with the room, such as decorative wrought iron for a vintage space or stylish chrome in a modern room. Hang a mirror on the wall behind the modern dressing table. The mirror on the wall should coordinate with the style of the room.